At the Snap of Your Fingers

9 Apr

Ever have one of those days when you feel a lack of creativity or inspiration?
This weekend I had a case of being in a creative rut.  I turned to Pinterest and some nifty blogs in search of crafty and creative inspiration.

I know I went on a glitter kick in my last entry, but I couldn’t help to add another “gotta have it” glitter makeover that I stumbled across.  If you are a fashion guru like me, you know that glitter heels have taken the runway by storm.  I came across this fantastic blog, WobiSobi, that did a project re-style on an old pair of heels that nearly found a place in the garbage.  I am sure we all can be guilty of being a shoe hoarder (with all my hoarding references, I fear you all have this terrifying idea of what my house looks like, I swear it’s not that bad at all!), so finding an old pair of heels may the be easy part.  Make sure to check out the WobiSobi blog for other great re-style features!

College housing does not necessarily shout “creativity” and “stylish.”  I have dark brown cabinets (not attractive at all!) and white walls (which I can’t paint!), so I am forced to think outside the box in adding my personality to my dull kitchen.  I came across this awesome tutorial on Little Bit Funky blog on adding a bit of color to wooden cooking utensils (the blog credited House of Earnest as the mastermind behind the craft).  It’s amazing how paint can instantly revamp something as simple as cooking utensils.  The best part is you can color coordinate the cooking utensils to match your kitchen or even make them as gifts!

Do you have a favorite crafty and design blog?  Please share away and I will discuss some of my favorite findings and even do some of the crafts!


One Response to “At the Snap of Your Fingers”

  1. GenevieveFaucher April 11, 2012 at 4:03 pm #

    I’ve seen these shoes on Pinterest before. I just LOVE them, definitely going to have to add that one to the “to-do” list for summer projects.

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